How to get Flickr Album ID?

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Using Flickr Album ID, one can show their Flickr Albums. In this short tutorial, we will learn how to get Flickr Album ID.

Let’s start the tutorial.

Step – 1.  First, log in with your Flickr Account link here.

Step – 2. After logging in, you will be redirected to Flickr home photostream page and here, you will see a menu bar. In this menu bar, select the first menu “You”. After hover on “You”, a dropdown will appear where you select “Album” menu.


Step – 3. Now, the Album page will appear. In this section, we will find a lot of albums. Here, please select (single) your favorite album which you want to show in a gallery.


Step – 4. After selecting the album, your browser address bar will a show a key like this.


Now, your Album ID in the page URL is like:

Here is your “72157695488787780” Album ID.

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